My journeys of travels started early on as a child, I remember taking my first cruise to Puerto Rico at the age of twelve with my mom. This started my relentless drive and thirst to travel.

Fast forward to today with each country I travel to it’s not only for pleasure I also research foreign Real Estate. Diversity in a Real Estate portfolio is a good investment but let’s discuss the caveats of International Real Estate Investing, Yes! it sounds nice to purchase that lavish beachfront home or the home with scenic rolling mountain secluded from the rest of the world, but please don’t be passive in what it takes for the up keep of Foreign Real Estate Investments. Take in account which countries you want to purchase real estate in and will it be a lucrative investment if you try to sell your property?

Currency Changes 

Always pay close attention to currency changes in the market, unlike the U.S. dollar, foreign currency is highly unpredictable and fluctuate on a daily basis, this can be a disadvantage but still work in a U.S. citizens favor. The weaker the dollar the higher the gain. Another critical watch is being aware of any political,economic or governmental issues there maybe back lashes if the’re any negative economical issues. This can possibly cause demise to your investment. We can never be sure so is important to do your research.

Property Upkeep 

Take into consideration how often you will visit your property. It is wise to hire someone for property upkeep in your absence. Vandals watch for vacant homes so if you want to protect your assets look in to hiring property management in your absence.

Last but not least, Remember this is an investment so before planting your seeds travel to several countries don’t choose the first one you fall in love with. I’ve explored several different countries and I’m not in love with all but I have a lot of favorites, every country has something different to offer with plenty of real estate to go around.

Amber Thomas is a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of California DRE #02081029.  Amber is well travelled having begun traveling abroad at a young age. Her exposure to various cultures has helped shape her real estate career and enabled her to specialize in relocation in addition to standard sales. You may contact Amber at Follow me on IG @estatesandtravel

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