COVID-19 Real Estate Info

So you were thinking of buying OR you currently own a home and now EVERYTHING seems to be in limbo. First, let us all remember that we are a resilient people. As everything we have faced in the past, this too shall pass. That being said what do we do in the meantime. HOMEOWNERS: FinancialContinue reading “COVID-19 Real Estate Info”

Mary Ellen Pleasant AKA The Black City Hall of S.F.

The short answer is Lisa Bonet portrayed her on Drunk History in Season 1 Episode 5. The long answer is much more intriguing and inspiring. Pleasant was once the most talked-about woman in San Francisco. When other African Americans were rarely mentioned, she claimed full-page articles in the press. The obstacles this woman managed toContinue reading “Mary Ellen Pleasant AKA The Black City Hall of S.F.”

Leap into Homeownership 2020 Sacramento Event

February 29, 2020 (11 am – 1 pm) Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, Rancho Cordova Learn how to buy a house in California…it’s not as hard as you might think. Are you looking to own your own home but not sure where to start? Pacific Bay Estates is offering a FREE workshop to bridgeContinue reading “Leap into Homeownership 2020 Sacramento Event”

Considering a Refinance?

There are several reasons to refinance especially considering today’s historically low interest rates. So let’s discuss what a “refinance” actually is,  and the two types of refinances available. When you refinance your home,  you take a new loan against your home and pay off the old loan, basically “re-doing” the financing. The first type of refinance,Continue reading “Considering a Refinance?”

Considering Overseas Real Estate?

My journeys of travels started early on as a child, I remember taking my first cruise to Puerto Rico at the age of twelve with my mom. This started my relentless drive and thirst to travel. Fast forward to today with each country I travel to it’s not only for pleasure I also research foreignContinue reading “Considering Overseas Real Estate?”

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