You CAN Buy a House after Bankruptcy…Here’s How..

So here’s some truth for ya, back in March of 1997, after having just given birth to my first child Serenity in November of 1996, I decided to claim bankruptcy. The truth is I was afraid. My pregnancy was very risky. I was bed-ridden for months and unable to work. No work means NO MONEY. My debt mounted up and itContinue reading “You CAN Buy a House after Bankruptcy…Here’s How..”

Surviving the Escrow Process

Exactly what is Escrow? There is an episode of Friends (Season 10 Episode 14 to be exact), where Chandler and Monica are buying a home and they ask Joey to come and see the home.  The conversation went like this: Joey: “But no, it’s not close. You said it was in escrow? I couldn’t even find it onContinue reading “Surviving the Escrow Process”

Home Shopping Tips…

So you are pre-approved, now for the FUN PART…SHOPPING! Before you just hit the streets on a mad house hunting venture, you need to do some preparing. You don’t just want to pick up the phone, call the number on a sign, and venture out by yourself. Number 1, it is unsafe.  You also may waste a lot of time lookingContinue reading “Home Shopping Tips…”

I WANT TO…Research the Buying Process

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a repeat buyer, purchasing a home is always a stressful process. Sometimes the thought alone deters people. But the good news is that people do it all the time, and even better news – they survive. I am a numbers person, so if you are like me,Continue reading “I WANT TO…Research the Buying Process”

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