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I Don’t Like Pacific Bay Estates…No Seriously

I have been in real estate 17 years and I have been working with Pacific Bay Estates full time now for the last 2 years. The following are the issues I used as the basis of my opinion:
  1. Team Effort. Pac Bay appreciates and respect everyone’s individuality, yet they make sure that everyone feels like they are part of a team. It truly is a team effort and with that type of company culture, comes major benefits for their clients. It’s not just you and the agent. The broker, other staff members, etc are always willing to help.
  2. Flexible, customized services. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could predict our work schedule and the goings on of the universe? They understand the stars don’t always align the way we would like, as a result they are flexible and can customize a plan to meet your goals and your lifestyle whether you are buying, selling, or borrowing.
  3. Save time. Can’t meet face to face today? The agents can arrange online meetings to view houses, your selling stats, your loan app, etc. I have seen agents FaceTime previews and/or make video tours of the house a buyer is interested in BEFORE the buyer made the journey to actually see the home. 
  4. Resources. A wealth of knowledgable professionals, credit repair resources, even loan specialists, all on the same team…yours.
  5. Competitive pricing, exceptional service. Win-win!

So no I don’t like being a part of Pacific Bay Estates, I LOVE IT!! Give us a try and you will too.

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